GSA-Joe’s Story

Tire Rating: 4 Stars 4 Stars
Tires: MICHELIN® Pilot® Road 4
Motorcycle: 2015 BMW R1200GS Adventure
Annual Mileage: 10,000+
Location: Tampa, FL

I have had these Pilot Road 4 Trail tires on my GS for the past 6k miles. I ride my bike daily to work, weekend travels, and long distance trips. Recently I took a trip up north to West Virginia, Ohio, Pennslyvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. The Road 4 Trails handled well for the trip in the rain and typical hot day road conditions. I would recommend this tire for any GS rider or adventure touring rider. I normally would run a Anakee III tire which gets 12k for being able to off-road it as well which is what I would be jumping back to on my GSA as it was stock tires.

Raja777m’s Story

Tire Rating: 4 Stars 5 Stars
Tires: MICHELIN® Pilot® Road 4
Motorcycle: 2008 Yamaha FZ6
Annual Mileage: 5,000 – 10,000
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

I had the PR4-rear (installed) at 5,200 and now, it is 14,800 and I reached the wear bar.
 City, mountain roads, highway miles.
 No stunts, no burn outs, no wheelies or sudden brakes.
 I’m satisfied with the overall performance, but only 9k miles, with good maintenance, I’m a little bit sad on that part? The center came to bar pretty quickly and the sides have lots of tread. That uneven wear is unacceptable, IMHO.
 I don’t knee drag, but lean good enough, so, hope there is some resolution for this issue. Purchased May22nd 2015 from RevZilla.
 Air pressure, checked every other week, with automated air pressure pump, and PSI recommended by Yamaha manual/sticker on swing-arm, according to my weight.

PTarman1’s Story

Tire Rating: 3 Stars
Tires: MICHELIN® Pilot® Road 4
Motorcycle: 2010 Honda NT700VA
Annual Mileage: 10,000+
Location: Greeley, Colorado

I have had three sets of PR4s on my bike. I got 13-14,000 miles out of the first two rear tires but the third one was worn down to the wearbars after less than 8,000 miles. A couple friends who also ride NT700s have had the same experience with their last PR4. Has there been a change in the tire since it was introduced.

I know that I haven’t changed the way I ride or the roads I ride on…

Admin Note: Thank you for your feedback about the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tires on your bike. Many factors can affect tire longevity but rest assured we did not change anything about the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4. If you would like to discuss your concerns, we invite you to contact Michelin’s Consumer Care Department at 800-346-4098.

Ed’s Story

Tire Rating: 5 Stars 5 Stars
Tires: MICHELIN® Pilot® Road 4
Motorcycle: 2010 BMW R1200R
Annual Mileage: 10,000+
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

I have now gone through 7 sets of Michelin Pilot Road 3s and am on my 2nd set of Pilot Road 4s on a 2010 BMW R1200R. I had been so pleased with the performance of the PR3s I was reluctant to go to the PR4s but am now satisfied that the handling and wet weather traction are just as good and I get a bit more mileage.

I should point out that I get to ride lots of twisty roads where I live in Arkansas and many of those roads are very abrasive “chip and seal”. As a result, I have never gotten the 9-10,000 miles that others claim on any kind of tire, but the mileage I get on these Michelins is as good or better than any other tire I have tried. And I’ve tried many different brands. Pilot Road tires were not new to me with the BMW as I had gone through several sets on an FJR 1300.

My riding buddy has a BMW R1200GS setup strictly for the street and is grateful that Michelin makes sizes for his bike as well. He wouldn’t even consider another tire.

I am now as pleased with the PR4s as I was with the PR3s.