Mac’s Story

Tire Rating: 4 Stars
Tires: Commander II
Motorcycle: 2012 Harley Davidson
Annual Mileage: 5,000-10,000
Location: McCormick, South Carolina

Immediately after having these tires installed, the first thing that struck me, (other than a beetle in the forehead), was the cornering of the Commander II. I travel a lot of “twistie-turnies”, and the handling of the Michelin’s is noticeably better than the stock Dunlop tires. I also had the opportunity to take a couple of 800+ mile trips. The Commander II tires felt slightly “harder” than the Dunlops, but in now way detracted from the riding experience. More importantly, after running these tires for a few months and a couple of thousand miles, they still look new. For real, there is almost no noticeable wear. I’m anxious to take these tires to Daytona, (because it always rains on me going to Daytona), and I would like to see what they can do in the wet. This is why I gave the 4 star rating instead of 5 – haven’t tested in the rain – YET!

Visian’s Story

Tire Rating: 4 Stars
Tires: MICHELIN Anakee III
Motorcycle: 2000 BMW R 1150 GS
Annual Mileage: 10,000+
Location: Georgia

Visian's TireThe “new shoes” feeling was never better after mounting these tires. I felt like I was riding in a high-end German car for a while… very smooth and composed. These tires are excellent in the twisties (wet or dry), provide better mileage than competitive tires, and can handle light adventures on dirt and gravel roads and other dry surfaces. Sand and mud aren’t a strength, but you wouldn’t choose any tire like this for those types of conditions. Some have complained about road noise, it’s never been an issue for me, and I wear earplugs. Interestingly, I wore out the front tire just as fast as the rear… but I use the front brake heavily and am a fairly aggressive rider. The Anakee III is an excellent highway and rough surface tire.