636_nick’s Story

Tire Rating: 5 Stars 5 Stars
Motorcycle: Kawasaki ZX6R
Annual Mileage: <1,000
Location: Selma, Texas

I have been running the Michelin Power RS on my zx6r since December and loved every moment I’ve had on them. Recently I have been only doing track days at a local track called Harris Hill (H2R) and have noticed a big difference in my lap time dropping, and the difference in front end feel I’m getting going into the corner. All I can say is you have to try out these tires if you haven’t already!

Rgman’s Story

Tire Rating: 5 Stars 5 Stars
Tires: MICHELIN® Power Slick Evo
Motorcycle: 2008 Yamaha R6
Annual Mileage: 1,000 – 3,000
Location: Riverside California

I am the service manager of a motorcycle dealership in California. The only tire I recommend or will put on my bike is Michelin. I run the power cups & slicks on my race bike, but they make excellent street tires. I find they make the best product in nearly every category. They have great traction, feel and durability. Highly recommend!

BoB’s Story

Tire Rating: 5 Stars 5 Stars
Tires: MICHELIN® Commander® II
Motorcycle: 2006 Softail Fatboy EFI
Annual Mileage: 10,000+
Location: Hickory, North Carolina

After suffering with over-priced and underperforming Dunlop 404s, my mechanic recommended the Michelin Commander II. In my 53 years of riding, I have tried every tire available. For years I was satisfied with Metzelers. I can say, beyond the shadow of any doubt that the Commander II is the best tires I have ever used. I have them on both front & back. They are unparalleled when it comes to traction (wet or dry/hot or cold), grip in turns (I ride a lot of twisties and enjoy dragging floorboards), smooth ride and handling on rough roads including dirt & gravel, and probably most importantly, they are the best wearing tires available. I whole-heartedly recommend them for any cruiser. Harley-Davidson owners you are foolish to continue to ride on Dunlops. Text me at 828.310.0499 with any questions you may have.

Robert W’s Story

Tire Rating: 5 Stars 5 Stars
Tires: MICHELIN® Pilot® Road 4
Motorcycle: 2012 Ducati Multistrada 1200
Annual Mileage: 5,000 – 10,000
Location: Artesia, New Mexico

I’ve run the PR3 then the PR4 on all my sport touring bikes. Formerly an St3 and currently my Multistrada. I’m averaging 8700 miles rear and between 11,000 and 12,000 front, most of my mileage is 2 up, loaded down. The rain performance is phenomenal on these and I have enough edge grip to occasionally nick the pegs as well. Realistically on this type of bike I can’t safely use more tire on the street. With the wear rates and all around performance this is my go to tire until it’s replaced with a PR5. Thanks Michelin for continuing the tradition of excellence in your company.