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BurrowJ101’s Story

Tire Rating: 5 Stars
Tires: MICHELIN Commander II
Motorcycle: 2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager
Annual Mileage: 10,000+
Location: Trenton, Florida

I ride about 25000 miles a year. I’ve run the Commander II tires since the second set of tires on the bike. I have 48,000 miles in just over 2 years. The first set of CII tires, I got 32,800 miles on the rear tire and I changed the front at 30,000 miles as I was getting read for a long trip. I could probably have put another 3-4000 on the front but wanted to be safe. I run 38psi front and 42 psi rear. I don’t hotrod (much) and I’m a very conservative rider. I love these tires. They are awesome in the Florida liquid sunshine!

  1. UnklFungus’ Story
  2. Tire Rating: 5 Stars
    Tires: MICHELIN Pilot Road 4
    Motorcycle: 2005 Honda VFR
    Annual Mileage: 5,000-10,000
    Location: Moorpark, California

    unklfungus-1I did my frst track day with mentor’s company, The Total Performance Group and Aussie Dave Anthony, you know AMA Pro, was able to help me out as he was my track coach, one on one at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. I never would have gotten to where I’m at without them. I am a completely different rider now, because of them. The difference is night and day! Mentoring and one on one coaching works. Damn does it work!

    To put it mildly, any reservations or doubts about the performance capabilities of my 05 VFR have been permanently and absolutely obliterated. Any uncertainties I had about the Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires has been destroyed as well. Those tires work fantastically. I know they aren’t track tires, but they don’t. Even when I was hard on the gas coming out of turns and I could feel the back tire sliding a little under power, it never gave me any concern at all. The front tire was nothing but absolute communication. I could literally feel everything going on with it, incredibly hard braking, high lean angle braking into the turn, massive G-Forces mid turn and even in The Bowl which is a long sweeping right hand turn banked 10 degrees, I would be in 3rd gear, full throttle, with the G-Forces crushing me into the bike, the tires held.

    unklfungus-2The bike. Oh man, the bike. Totally stock. Spring at max compression, forks turned in all the way, and even though I weigh too much for the stock setup, it just worked and worked and worked. Excellent acceleration, braking hard enough to stretch my eyeballs, lean angles far enough over to scratch the foot pegs, with the feelers removed, even with me hanging off the bike, almost completely and pushing the bike up, it worked and worked and worked. Braking late enough to pass 5 bikes into the turn, front tire chattering and squealing, it slowed right the hell down and tipped into the turn, it asked for nothing and delivered everything. I could feel the front right to the edge of adhesion, literally knowing that I could hold it right on the razor’s edge and it would stay there all day.

    I may at one time buy a track only bike, but I am never selling my VFR. Running bone stock and these sport touring tires, it left many literally in the dust, as it was windy and blowing a light dust on the track and even with dust and sand blowing across the track, they never slipped. I wanted to put a sign on my back, saying you just got passed by a street bike. I am gobsmacked and smitten with my VFR and these “”sport touring”” tires, that firmly hold on to their sport heritage!

  3. Larry’s Story
  4. Tire Rating: 5 Stars
    Tires: MICHELIN Road 4
    Motorcycle: 2009 BMW F800ST
    Annual Mileage: 5,000-10,000
    Location: Ventura, California

    I just purchased my second set of Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires for my motorcycle. The first set lasted almost twice as long as the OEM tires from the motorcycle showroom floor. My local weather allows me to ride year round and I use it to my advantage to commute by motorcycle to & from work whenever I can. The Pilot Road 4 are excellent tires. They wore well on the Southern California freeways, streets and canyon roads. They didn’t give me any trouble despite the amount miles I rode on them. They still felt better on the rode than they looked before they were replaced with a new set. I can certainly recommend this tire.

  5. Nate’s Story
  6. Tire Rating: 5 Stars
    Tires: MICHELIN Pilot Road 3
    Motorcycle: 1994 Suzuki GXSR1100
    Annual Mileage: 10,000+
    Location: Palm Coast, Florida

    Bought the road 3 just over a year ago and I have to say they are awesome in any weather and last a long time. As of now I have 25,000 miles on them and will definitely buy another set. If the road 4 are supposed to be better then those will be my next set. Absolutely love them tires.

  7. Johnny Dyna’s Story
  8. Tire Rating: 5 Stars
    Tires: Commander II
    Motorcycle: 2009 Harley-Davidson FXD Super Glide
    Location: Bunker Hill, IL
    Annual Mileage: 10,000+

    Johnny Dyna's BikeI have been riding motorcycles all my life. I have logged more than 600,000 miles on various bikes/tires over the years. The Michelin Commander II is the best, longest lasting tire I have ever ridden on. The stock tires that came on my current bike were completley shot after 10,000 miles (I won’t name names). I installed a set of Commander II tires on this bike and was blown away. These tires wear like iron! When I finally replaced the rear tire, it had over 20,000 miles on it, and was not quite down to the wear indicator (I replaced it because I had a 4,500 mile trip ahead of me). The front tire had over 25,000 miles on it when I replaced it. I am so impressed by the longevity of these tires that I will never buy anything else. Michelin has a great product in the Commander II. I have recommended these tires to all of my friends. They can hardly believe it when I tell them how many miles the Commander II lasts. Thank you so much for producing a tire for high mileage riders like me.