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Hi Mile’s Story

Tire Rating:
Tires: MICHELIN Pilot Road 4
Motorcycle: 2009 Honda VFR Interceptor
Annual Mileage:
Location: Oviedo, Alabama

After 18,500 miles I’ve decided to replace my rear tire. Looking at the tire many may ask why now, it really does not look too bad. Well I’m about to take a 2000 mile trip and would prefer not having the worry if the pilot 4 will be okay. What makes this more impressive is that about 1,000 miles after I bought the tire I found a medium size nail in it. Using the stop & go tire plug kit I plugged the tire, I understand the safety concerns and several days after I plug the tire I checked the tires pressure and if it’s within 10% from where I started I feel I’m okay. It did and for the last 17,000 miles I have been riding with a plugged pilot 4. Outstanding job, can’t wait to see what the future holds and how impressive the pilot road 5 will be.

Thanks again Robert

Admin Note: Thank you for your comments Robert. As a reminder for everyone, Michelin does not condone or endorse the repair of any of its motorcycle tires that have suffered punctures or other damage. Michelin assumes no liability for injuries, consequential damages or death arising from MICHELIN® motorcycle tires that have been patched, plugged, sealed or otherwise repaired by a dealer, distributor or consumer.

  1. SactoStromer’s Story
  2. Tire Rating: 5 Stars
    Tires: MICHELIN Anakee III
    Motorcycle: 2011 Suzuki VStrom 650
    Annual Mileage: 10,000+
    Location: Rocklin, California

    After 22,600 miles, I just put on my second set of Anakee 3’s. These tires are easily the most confidence inspiring, capable adventure tire that I have ever experienced. You’d think that with high mileage capability there would be a sacrifice in traction to provide the exceptional treadwear lifetime. Wrong. These tires were glued to the road (concrete, blacktop, decades old neglected concrete, dirt, gravel, etc.) at all times, regardless of weather conditions. I often found myself doing better in dirt than others with similar bikes mounted with knobbies. I don’t know how they manged to design such a capable tire with seemingly minimal tread design, but they’ve done so admirably. I will say with out question that I will never own another adventure bike that does not have Anakee 3’s mounted. For the 80% paved/20% unpaved adventure riders, this tire is what you’ve been looking for. An absolute must.

  3. EC’s Story
  4. Tire Rating: 4 Stars
    Tires: MICHELIN Anakee III
    Motorcycle: 2013 Kawasaki KLR650
    Annual Mileage: 10,000+
    Location: State of Washington

    Just bought my second set of Anakee IIIs. Rear tire covered 17,000 miles on the KLR650 and still had a couple of thousand left on it when changed out. Front still has a lot of tread left. Great street tires, good grip on mountain highways, good traction in heavy northwest rain, stable – handle grooved pavement and grated bridge decks better than any other tire I have had. Ever.
 Also the stiffest, most difficult to mount on a rim. Ever. But…I bought a second set without a second thought.
 I love these tires.

  5. Rockman’s Story
  6. Tire Rating:
    Tires: MICHELIN Commander II
    Motorcycle: 2014 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail
    Annual Mileage:
    Location: Bowling Green, KY

    This is the 2nd Commander ll I have bought. I got 10,000 miles from the last one, the most miles I have ever got from a rear tire in 35 yrs. of riding. The Commander ll completely eliminated road wobble when hitting a seam or crack in the road and sticks like glue to the road wet or dry.The best motorcycle tire I have ever ran.

  7. Chappysteve’s Story
  8. Tire Rating: 5 Stars
    Tires: MICHELIN Pilot Road 4
    Motorcycle: 2002 Aprilla RSV Mille R
    Annual Mileage: 1,000-3,000
    Location: S OC, California

    I’ve put over 2,500 canyon carving miles on my Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires and some track days. I’ve even logged a good 30miles at the Streets of Willow Springs in standing rain. No matter what I throw at them the tires just keep sticking wanting more. Even in the standing rain the tires didn’t bobble once and were more willing then I was to push the surface limits.