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Gary’s Story

Tire Rating:
Tires: MICHELIN® Commander® II
Motorcycle: 1994 Honda Magna V-4
Annual Mileage: 5,000 – 10,000
Location: Troy, Ohio

I have owned this motorcycle nine years, and have acquired over 35,000 miles so far. I have had problems with the stock rear tire having poor traction during braking and corning. After installing the Commander II tires I can now use the rear brake without fear of locking up the rear tire. There is abundant tire grip in the corners compared to the stock Dunlop K555. This being in dry or wet conditions. I have approximately 5,000 miles on them and there is no sign of wear. The Dunlop would show flatting of the center tread by now. I would recommend this tire to anyone using the K555 as a replacement. The Commander II’s are far superior to the original tires and at a great price.
 All of my friends on the Magna Third Gen forum are switching to the Commander II tire with the same results.
 Thanks Michelin.

  1. Jchcobra’s Story
  2. Tire Rating: 5 Stars 5 Stars
    Tires: MICHELIN® Commander® II
    Motorcycle: 2011 Harley-Davidson Dyna Superglide
    Annual Mileage: 3,000 – 5,000
    Location: Pittsford, Vermont

    jchcobraThis photo shows my 2011 Harley on the right and my wife’s 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit. Harley came with Michelin Scorchers installed. Great wearing tires with great traction. I replaced these with Michelin Commander II’s at 13000 miles rear and 15000 miles front. My style of riding sometimes includes hard acceleration, probably a guy thing! I now have 23000 miles and tires are wearing great. lots of tread left and the ride along with traction is very good. When the tires get down on my wife’s Honda, I will replace with Commanders also. I have used lots of different brands over the years on other bikes, but will stick with Michelin from now on.

  3. Kevinon2wheels’ Story
  4. Tire Rating: 5 Stars 5 Stars
    Tires: MICHELIN® Commander® II
    Motorcycle: 2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster Low
    Annual Mileage: 10,000+
    Location: Sahuarita, Arizona

    I have a 2009 Sportster that is used for commuting 60 miles a day round trip. The stock HD tires (Dunlop) were ok and became unserviceable at 18000 miles. My riding style is great for long tire life as most would have replaced stock tires at 12000 miles. I wear out front and rear tires at the same rate because I use the front brake heavily for most of my stopping. The Commander II tires were/are smoother on the smaller road imperfections and dry traction seems to be the same or better. I don’t ride hard enough anymore to test performance limits. But I can say the Commander II tires last longer on the same road conditions. My first set went 24000 miles before they had the same (almost bald) tread depth the HD tires had at 18000. I have 6000 miles on this current set and the wear rate looks good to make 24000 again.

  5. TA’s Story
  6. Tire Rating:
    Tires: MICHELIN® Commander® II
    Motorcycle: 2010 Harley-Davidson FLTCHUI
    Annual Mileage: 10,000+
    Location: Bergen, NY

    Hello fellow riders. My friend and I have been running Commander II for many years now. I live in western NY and my friend in south Florida where tires get chewed up in a hurry. He bought his first pair and rode up to NY for a family gathering. He loved them said they stuck like glue in all weather. I soon needed tires and bought the same. He got about 17000 out his rear and I got 22000 out of mine. Great tires. Keep up the good work.

  7. Jaxdp’s Story
  8. Tire Rating: 5 Stars 5 Stars
    Tires: MICHELIN® Commander® II
    Motorcycle: 2013 Harley-Davidson FXDC
    Annual Mileage: 10,000+
    Location: Coeur D Alene, Idaho

    I just put on the Commander ll about 3 weeks ago I can really tell the difference in it sticking to the road. But I have to say I’m really impressed with my last tire it was the original one when I got my motorcycle new in 2013. It was the Scorcher. I got over 30,000 miles out of that front tire and if this one holds true I should get well over that with the Commander ll. I also have a Commander ll on the back. I put it on around 15,000 miles and it’s still looking great.